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The Topcat is the latest classroom audio device from Lightspeed. The sound is incredible and the installation is simple. There is also an optional wall or ceiling mount enclosure for applications where you don't have a T-bar ceiling.


Call us today to book a demo for your modernization or new school build. The wireless media hub can be run off a USB wall charger or the USB port of a computer. The media hub has 4 inputs for all your audio devices and 2 outputs for use to record classroom audio or for deaf and hard of hearing students to connect personal transmitters. The media hub is simple to setup and simple to move as the room configuration changes.


Powered by Lightspeed’s proven Access Technology, Topcat is like no other audio system. The hybrid speaker design combines flat-panel technology for intelligible speech, with a cone speaker to deliver full-range sound for multimedia. Access Technology virtually eliminates interference with other classroom technology and provides wireless connectivity for media sources. Topcat is part of a growing ecosystem that enables all types of student-centered learning, such as small grouTopcat wall or ceiling bracketp instruction and project-based learning.