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dual screen

BenQ's latest interactive projector the MW853UST+ can provide interactivity on any surface. A dry walled wall would be excellent for finger touch as the surface should be as flat as possible for the laser curtain. The pen interactivity is more forgiving to a curved or bowed whiteboard. The projector supports up to 4 pens interactive and finger touch at the same time. The video in the link below will show you how to set it up and use all of it's features:

- auto calibration in 4 seconds

- dual HDMI input for your computer and Apple TV or Chromecast etc.

- extend your desktop onto two screens and connect two projectors for larger interactive surface spanning an entire wall!

- multi-touch with up to four pens/fingers simultaneously working (only within BenQ software)

- pen and finger touch can be added at any time

-10000 hour bulb

-3200 lumen


Very cool, check this video out:


What I really like about this is that the interactive kit will be available as an add-on kit to many of BenQ's projectors. The setup was easy, and the auto-calibration worked very well. The finger touch requires a very smooth surface (less than 4mm from being perfectly straight). These laser curtains also don't like direct sunlight. Overall I find them quite responsive and excellent to use with Windows 8 and the gesture recognition and multi touch capabilities.