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How we make a difference


Our Redcat and Topcat products utilize a series of exciters that apply sound energy directly to their unique sound panels “exciting” the voice signal. Since the energy from the exciters is transferred to the surface of the flat panel, every point across the panel radiates the sound—distributing it evenly throughout the classroom. The high frequencies of the human voice, so easily lost amid classroom noise, come through clearly and intelligibly so every child hears (and understands) every word.

The type of service you can expect

Lightspeed’s local classroom audio consultants ZACS, are experienced professionals dedicated to improving the learning environment for all children and providing superior customer service.  We provide teacher training, advance replacement, and a five-year warranty at no additional cost.

Lightspeed's product support is something that aligns very well with ZACS philosophy of customer support. Call to book a demo REDCAT or Delta PA into your school. We would also be more than happy to provide an onsite presentation to your staff or parent council about the benefits of this technology.  If you would like to know more about how the technology works and the benefits you and your students should expect, check it out here!