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Depending on the options you want such as number of mics and the size of the group you are trying to reach we offer many models of portable PA. Some battery operated, some not.


Here are some of our favorites:



Behringer has soPPA2000BTme great German engineering behind their products. The model that we like is the Europort PPA2000BT. This 2000 watt system has incredible sound, 8 inputs (XLR, 1/4", RCA, 3.5mm and built in Bluetooth), a seven channel equalizer with their patented feedback detection. This system with addition of an optional powered sub woofer can really crank out the sound, crystal clear. The unique clam shell design allows for compact storage of the system when not in use. We'd recommend a tripod for each of the speakers for assemblies or functions. There is also a single and dual wireless microphone module that is connected via a unique USB receiver. Check it out by clicking on the Behringer link.


In the category of portable battery operated Chiayo was founded in Chiayi City, Taiwan in 1971. Chiayo was the first professional wireless microphone manufacturer in Taiwan and is a pioneer in this field. Chiayo is Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of wireless/wired/infrared microphones. For groups of up to 500 the Challenger 1000 offers a CD/MP3/USB player, up to 4 wireless mics (headset, handheld or lapel), optional Bluetooth receiver for playing wireless  audio from any Bluetooth enableChallenger 1000d device, and optional transmitters for connecting active wireless slave speakers. They have even come up with a removable trolley for moving your system more easily over rough terrain. This systems chassis is about two feet tall and one foot by one foot square and depending on the accessories is priced from about $1500-$3000.